Vol 5 Wolf Under Siege
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Vol 5 Wolf Under Siege

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Once again penniless, Llorc journeys south to rejoin his mercenary comrades in the Legion. He finds them on the fortified island of Arilarat, a quiet backwater, as guests of the Order of the Goddess. But war is looming. The Jahari Empire has turned its face west and a vast fleet is being assembled, with Arilarat as the target.

Llorc and his friends soon find themselves involved in a titanic struggle between two fanatical enemies. And when the Grand Inquisitor arrives, being inside the castle becomes almost as dangerous as being outside.

Spies, assassins, pirates, hidden treasure and defenders outnumbered ten to one... the scene is set for Llorc's most epic adventure yet...

Stirring Sword & Sorcery adventure in the spirit of Robert E Howard!

370 pages, paperback

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