Vol 4 Wolf in the Underworld
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Vol 4 Wolf in the Underworld

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Following the defeat of the Reiver, life in Llorc's homeland returns to its usual routines. Restless and bored, the young warrior sets forth again, this time heading into the Borderlands to the south-east. He hopes to find work for his sword in this wild place but instead becomes an indentured guard in the bustling trading town of Livadia.

But unknown to Llorc, the town is also the focal point for three sets of treasure hunters - all seeking the fabled hoard of the wizard Sabhar Lal, said to be hidden somewhere in the nearby mountains.

And furthermore, the Priest King of Yarlung has placed a price on Llorc's head. A price that a group of warriors from that far-flung Kingdom are determined to collect, even if it means following Llorc into the underworld....

Paperback 225 pages

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