Vol 2 Wolf in Chains
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Vol 2 Wolf in Chains

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Following the events of Wolf in Shadows, the young barbarian Llorc settles into his role as Royal Bodyguard. But a diplomatic mission to the desert city of Sahkmet plunges him into fresh intrigue – and the Wolf is chained!

Meanwhile, far to the south an undead sorcerer is uniting the Desert Hordes and leading them on a merciless crusade to attack Sahkmet. Can a northern barbarian hold the key to defeating this ancient evil?

Volume 2 in the Wolf Who Would be King saga. Stirring Sword and Sorcery in the vein of Robert E Howard!

212 pages Paperback

Amazon reviews

"Great books! One of the better Conan-not-Conan series. Poyton does a much better job of nailing the Howardian vibe than most who have tried."  Deuce Richardson 

" Action packed and features some solid characters. If you enjoyed the works of Robert E. Howard I believe you will have a fun time with this novel."  

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