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The East Anglia Fens are place of mystery and imagination. The spectral landscape broods under a wide sky. Lonely roads lead to ruined abbeys. Narrow tracks meander off into the marshes. The fog draws suddenly in and there is the always the ever-present, deep, dark water.

Drawing influence from the works of
MR James and HP Lovecraft as well as local myth and folklore, author Robert Poyton has written thirteen tales set in and around the Fens.

From the truth of what actually happened to King John in The Wash, to the modern day Dunwich Nightmare, these stories will chill you to the bone.

"FT readers will enjoy the allusions in these genuinely creepy and well-written stories of archaic horrors in a modern, if damp, landscape." - Fortean Times Magazine


  1. Remnants
  2. Caxton Gibbet
  3. Cobwebs & Dust
  4. The Scarecrow
  5. Fenland Ground is Soft for Digging
  6. Mission 13
  7. The Squire
  8. The Confession of Brother Simon
  9. You Haunt Me
  10. Willow Drove End
  11. The Butterfly Collector
  12. The Fen Hound
  13. The Dunwich Nightmare

202 pages paperback

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