Innsmouth Echoes
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Innsmouth Echoes

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INNSMOUTH! Decaying New England seaport, creation of iconic weird tale author HP Lovecraft. But what if it were a real place? What if ripples from that accursed town were to spread out across the world? Inspired by family documents and photos, this collection brings together tales and poems reflecting the legacy of Innsmouth throughout the ages.

From the loss of King John’s treasure in the Wash, to the truth behind Britain’s largest earthquake. From secret U-boat missions to the Summer of Love. From yuppie developers to urban explorers. And from the sultry Pacific to the frozen Antarctic. No one who comes into contact with Innsmouth Echoes survives unchanged. Because Innsmouth is not just a place… it’s a state of mind.

  1. Foreword
  2. The Confession of Brother Simon (first printed in Remnants)
  3. Innsmouth Sonnet
  4. Full Fathom Five
  5. Fear at the Fitz
  6. Return to Providence
  7. U-837
  8. Innsmouth Acid
  9. Shore Leave
  10. Innsmouth Marina
  11. The Watcher
  12. Urbex
  13. Do You Want to Live Forever?
  14. Vostock 5

220 pages Paperback

Amazon review
 "Robert Poyton’s Innsmouth Echoes, wow, what a read! Here in haunting, pictorial prose, the author conjures up fresh images and fantastic storylines of Lovecraft’s Dagon and the Deep Ones a reader’s mind. A “must-read” for all Lovecraftians, near and far."

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